Strategic Plan

While celebrating its 30th anniversary, DRPT developed a strategic plan of where we want to go and how we want to get there: Next Stop 2030. This plan guides both our long-term strategy and day-to-day decision making as the agency strives to meet the transportation needs of Virginians. 

The plan aligns DRPT on:

  • Values and mission: What DRPT lives by and does
  • Vision, goals, and objectives: What DRPT aspires to be and where it wants to go
  • Initiatives: How DRPT will get there

The plan sets out clear priorities for DRPT: expanding transparency and performance metrics and promoting more collaboration with the agency’s partners. DRPT has focused on four goals that relate to excellent service, opportunity and partnership, sustainability, and innovation.

To determine our success in fulfilling our mission and reaching our long-term vision, DRPT has developed the following performance metrics:

  1. Create a positive impact on the Commonwealth
  2. Foster innovative practical solutions
  3. Convene partners and stakeholders to achieve positive transportation outcomes
  4. Cultivate a sustainable well-managed organization