Performance Measures

VA Breeze Performance Data Dashboard

Virginia Breeze Bus Lines is an intercity bus service that connects underserved rural communities with larger urban areas across the Commonwealth. The service consists of four routes: the Valley Flyer, the Piedmont Express, the Capital Connector, and the Highlands Rhythm. DRPT provides funding and oversees the Breeze but the service is operated by Megabus. Learn more about the Breeze

DRPT’s Virginia Breeze Performance Data Dashboard provides an overview of key performance data such as route and stop level ridership and on-time performance.

Rail Performance Data Dashboard

Rail transportation involves the movement of people and goods on railways owned and operated by private railroad companies. There are more than a dozen freight and passenger railroad companies and services in Virginia, including Norfolk Southern, CSX, Amtrak, VRE, and several shortline railroads. Freight rail programs help ensure the economic vitality of businesses and communities with a cost-effective, reliable way to bring goods to market. To learn more about rail in Virginia, visit the 2022 State Rail Plan.

DRPT’s Rail Performance Data Dashboard displays the number of trucks diverted from Virginia highways through DRPT funded projects, a key metric in measuring the success of DRPTs freight rail programs.

Transit Performance Data Dashboard

There are currently 40 transit agencies that operate a variety of public transportation services throughout the Commonwealth. Transit systems in Virginia range in size from two-bus programs in small towns to larger regional systems like WMATA (Metrorail, Metrobus, and MetroAccess) in Northern Virginia and HRT in Hampton Roads. To learn more about where transit agencies operate in Virginia, visit DRPTs Statewide Transit Map or the Virginia Navigator.

DRPT’s Transit Performance Data Dashboard provides an overview of key performance data such as ridership, revenue hours and miles, and other service measures that can gauge the level of service provided.

Rail Industrial Access Dashboard

The Rail Industrial Access (RIA) program promotes truck diversion by providing grant assistance to connect new or expanding businesses to the freight railroad network. To learn more about the RIA program, view our RIA Grant Program or visit the connectingVA site.

DRPT’s RIA Projects Dashboard displays aggregate milestones and benefits calculated from the last 5 years of awarded projects.