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Commuter Assistance Program (CAP)

The Commuter Assistance Program is a statewide grant program for programs and projects that provide information on commute options to the public, and encourage the use of transit, vanpooling, and carpooling, …

The Freight Fund

The Freight Fund is designed to support rail infrastructure investments to expand the Virginia freight rail network. Funding awards require a performance period once the project has been completed to ensure the…

Human Services Grant Program

DRPT awards Federal Transit Administration Section 5310 funding for the enhanced mobility of seniors (ages 65 and older) and individuals with disabilities. Awards fund capital projects to replace or expand…

Making Efficient and Responsible Investments in Transit (MERIT)

Making Efficient and Responsible Investments in Transit is a statewide grants program that provides financial assistance to support public transportation services throughout Virginia.

Rail Industrial Access (RIA)

The Rail Industrial Access Program promotes truck diversion by providing grant assistance to connect new or expanding businesses to the freight railroad network. A grant of up to $450,000 may be requested.

Rail Preservation Fund (RPF)

The Rail Preservation Fund benefits the nine shortline railroads operating in Virginia. Funding will be at a maximum of 70% state contribution and a minimum of 30% cash or in-kind matching contribution…

Transit Ridership Incentive Program (TRIP)

The Transit Ridership Incentive Program is a statewide grant program dedicated to improving transit’s regional connectivity in urban areas with a population in excess of 100,00