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Virginia Statewide Rail Plan

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Virginia's rail network is a valuable asset for the Commonwealth. It provides an efficient means of moving freight and passengers both within and through the state. By diverting freight and passenger traffic from road to rail, Virginia's rail network relieves congestion, saves lives, improves air quality, helps grow the economy, and complements the Virginia highway network while reducing capital and maintenance expenditures.


  • DRPT conducts rail planning studies throughout the state to examine the feasibility and potential benefits of freight and passenger improvements.
  • Partnerships, like DRPT’s 2021 partnership with the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center for Urban and Regional Analysis, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs, are key components of the study process.
  • DRPT conducts four- and 20-year rail program analysis as part of the Statewide Rail Plan.
  • DRPT’s Statewide Long-Term Service Development Plan is a greater than 20-year service outlook for the entire Commonwealth.
    • The long-term plan assesses the full capacity of the infrastructure planned in Transforming Rail in Virginia based on future demand and travel patterns, and begins to establish future improvement priorities beyond Transforming Rail in Virginia.

Key Updates

The Virginia Statewide Rail Plan for 2022 will provide long-term guidance for Virginia’s transportation leadership to ensure that the Commonwealth’s rail needs for people, communities, and commerce are addressed, policies for future rail investments are consistent, the public is educated on current rail issues, and that rail transportation continues to be a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly mode choice. This project will end in 2022.

Statewide Rail Plan Virtual Public Meeting

Miss the meeting? Click here to review the Draft Statewide Rail Plan Virtual Meeting Presentation from September 27, 2022. 

Meeting Recording (Public)