Human Services Grant Program

Program Background

DRPT awards Federal Transit Administration Section 5310 funding for the enhanced mobility of seniors (ages 65 and older) and individuals with disabilities. These awards fund capital projects to replace or expand vehicle fleets, mobility management projects to coordinate transportation, operating projects to provide transportation, and other capital projects to support programs serving the eligible populations.


Individually Administered Grant Programs

Traditional Capital (Vehicles)

The traditional capital component provides accessible vehicles for programs that transport seniors and individuals with disabilities. Successful applicants who receive capital awards will work with the state’s vendor to order an accessible vehicle from the program menu. Funding is not provided for agencies to purchase or retrofit their own vehicles.

Mobility Management

Mobility management programs focus on coordination between public transportation providers and other human service agencies providing transportation to enhance access to transportation beyond one organization. This includes the process of connecting seniors and individuals with disabilities to transportation, but does not include the operating cost of the service.


Operating programs focus on the delivery of a transportation service for seniors and individuals with disabilities, including access to accessible transportation. Operating projects must be new and outside of the mission of the applicant organization. Funding is not provided to support existing services or those services that an organization is created to provide.

Other Capital

After meeting the traditional capital, mobility management, and operating needs, funding may be available for limited, pre-approved other capital projects, such as the purchase of a fare collection or dispatch system, capital ADA improvements, or computer hardware and software.

Application Resources and Timeline

For detailed information on the application timeline, goals, eligibility requirements, eligible expenses, and application process for all DRPT administered grants programs, view the resources below:

Application Timeline

  • December 1, 2023
    DRPT began accepting applications for Fiscal Year 2025
  • February 1, 2024DRPT closes funding opportunity for Fiscal Year 2025

DRPT's WebGrants

DRPT’s WebGrants site is the portal that allows DRPT’s partners to apply for funding, submit reimbursement requests, manage grants, and report performance requirements.