Virginia Transit Equity and Modernization Study


The 2021 General Assembly passed House Joint Resolution 542, directing DRPT to complete a needs assessment focusing on the equitable delivery of transportation services and modernization of transit in the Commonwealth. The two-year study looked at topics such as transit, accessibility, technology, electrification, safety, engagement, representation, and infrastructure. The study also had a specific focus on service and engagement opportunities for underserved and underrepresented communities.

Final Report Executive Summary

Final Report

A photographic image of a white bus with blue and green accents traveling down a rural street.


The Virginia Transit Equity and Modernization Study began in the summer of 2021. The study provides several documents to assist in identifying the challenges to and the opportunities for advancing equitable and modern transit within the Commonwealth, including a final report, interim report, and several technical memoranda. The study’s inclusive participation program includes a standalone website, rider focus group meetings, virtual public forums, a transit modernization committee, and agency and public surveys.


The study’s Action Plan identifies 29 recommendations that serve as a roadmap to direct subsequent efforts — by both DRPT and local transit agencies. The Action Plan recommendations were developed through consultation with local transit agencies, evaluated by technical experts and industry partners, and refined during a robust public process. Final recommendations are organized by their anticipated timeline for implementation — near-, mid-, and long-term.