Virginia Breeze Hampton Roads Needs Assessment Study


The next potential route in the development of Virginia’s state-supported intercity bus network is the subject of this study, the U.S. 17 Corridor between Hampton Roads and Washington, D.C. It has been addressed by previous studies for DRPT. It was most recently addressed in the Virginia Breeze Expansion Alternatives Analysis conducted in 2018-2019. In that study, potential service was analyzed in several permutations: Norfolk or Hampton to Fredericksburg or Washington, D.C. The recommended option was Norfolk to Washington, D.C. The purpose of this study is to revisit that recommendation, applying the same methodology but reexamining the recommendation.

Full Report

A photographic image of a Virginia Breeze Bus Lines bus parked with a clear, blue sky background.


This study focused on the needs of the Commonwealth beyond the original Virginia Breeze corridor and included significant outreach as well as technical analysis. It included needs assessment, stakeholder involvement, and presentation of potential alternatives.


Demand estimation for transit is very difficult, because it is not yet clear how travel behavior may change in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study concluded there would be low end-to-end ridership and low farebox recovery, with high operating costs.