FY21 Agency Report


Fiscal Year 2021 was a productive and dynamic year for DRPT and its rail, transit, and transportation demand management partners. First, the COVID-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on transit agencies, Amtrak, and freight providers. Second, due to the pandemic, the Commonwealth Transportation Board did not adopt a Six-Year Improvement Program for Fiscal Year 2021 until December 2020. Third, DRPT staff started work to establish a new state entity, the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority, which will oversee passenger rail service in the Commonwealth moving forward.

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Virginia Breeze


Pursuant to Virginia Code § 33.2-106, § 33.2-1526.3, and Chapter 552, Item 1, Subsection O of the 2021 Acts of Assembly, DRPT is required to report on its actions to increase transit use and reduce highway congestion, its projects and services funded by the Transit Ridership Incentive Program, and its use of Commonwealth Rail Funds respectively. DRPT combined these reports to produce an annual report for Fiscal Year 2021.

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