I-66 Corridor Transit and Transportation Demand Management Plan Update


In 2016, DRPT and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) completed a study that developed multimodal improvement concepts to increase person throughput on Interstate 66, the only east-west interstate highway in Northern Virginia. The multimodal improvements included transit service and transportation demand management (TDM) strategies utilizing the I-66 Express Lanes (to be operational in 2022) extending from Gainesville to Interstate 495. The recommendations of the 2016 study resulted in the establishment of annual transit payments to support implementation of identified multimodal improvements, available through the Transform 66: Outside the Beltway project. DRPT intended to reevaluate the 2016 recommendations prior to the opening of the Express Lanes in 2022. This study represents that effort.

Full Report

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This update revises the initially proposed program of transit and transportation demand management services. The timing of this revision enables the incorporation of new assumptions regarding regional developments that have occurred since the completion of the 2016 plan.


The study describes main elements of final recommendations, representing a refinement of the Preferred Alternative from the 2016 study. The study further details phasing, presents the results of analysis on overall corridor performance in terms of person throughput, and outlines bus route prioritizations to align implementation with funding availability across various resources.