FY19 Agency Report


DRPT is the state’s lead agency on providing financial assistance to promote transit and transportation demand management (TDM) throughout Virginia. For Fiscal Year 2019, the Commonwealth Transportation Board allocated approximately $603.7 million in federal and state dollars to transit and TDM initiatives. Virginia has seen a significant return on investment with the Commonwealth’s 41 transit agencies providing 171,927,129 trips, its 16 commuter assistance programs removing 3,278,720 automobile trips, and its 937 vanpools providing 1,939,000 trips. Additionally, the Virginia Breeze intercity bus service had 24,532 riders.

Full Report

A photographic image of a metro bus stopped along a quiet neighborhood street.


The Secretary of Transportation, in consultation and cooperation with the Commissioner of Highways and the Director of the Department of Rail and Public Transportation, shall annually, not later than November 1, submit to the General Assembly a report on actions taken by the Commonwealth, local governments, and regional transportation authorities to (i) increase transit use and (ii) reduce highway congestion and use of single-occupant vehicles through programs and initiatives involving transportation demand management, transit use, telecommuting, carpooling, construction of commuter parking facilities, use of flexible work hours, and telecommunications technology.


Fiscal Year 2019 was a dynamic and productive year for transit and transportation demand management in Virginia. The success of DRPT’s initiatives would not have been possible without the General Assembly’s leadership. Transit continues to grow with new and innovative methods of allocating funding and increasing the use of technology. TDM also continues to provide congestion relief and single occupant vehicle travel reduction.