FY23 Agency Report


DRPT marked its 30th anniversary in FY23, and the agency celebrated not just by looking back on accomplishments but looking forward to the progress to come. DRPT updated its mission and vision to reflect the agency’s goals and priorities: to connect and improve the quality of life for all Virginians through an integrated multimodal network that serves every person, every business, and every need. The agency also completed work on its strategic plan, which will serve as a map for how to improve rail and public transportation in the Commonwealth. Transit ridership in Virginia 128 percent in FY23 over FY21, when ridership hit its lowest because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And DRPT’s rail programs are moving more and more trucks from Virginia’s highways by diverting goods to trains, with 14 million trucks diverted in FY23.

Full Report


Pursuant to Virginia Code § 33.2-106, § 33.2-1526.3, and Chapter 2, Item 1, Subsection I of the 2022 Acts of Assembly, DRPT is required to report on its actions to increase transit use and reduce highway congestion, its projects and services funded by the Transit Ridership Incentive Program, and its use of the Commonwealth Rail Fund, respectively. DRPT combined these reports to produce an annual report for FY23.