FY22 Agency Report


Fiscal Year 2022 marked a period of rebound for the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation after challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ridership in Virginia declined 61 percent between FY20 and FY21. While ridership has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, it has rebounded — a 56 percent increase in FY22 compared to the prior fiscal year. The Virginia Breeze intercity bus service launched a new route, and all four routes have posted record ridership. People began using commuter services again as workers returned to offices. The agency received a record number of Rail Industrial Access grant applications, demonstrating an interest from businesses in using the Commonwealth’s resilient rail network to transport goods.

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Pursuant to Virginia Code § 33.2-106, § 33.2-1526.3, and Chapter 2, Item 1, Subsection I of the 2022 Acts of Assembly, DRPT is required to report on its actions to increase transit use and reduce highway congestion, its projects and services funded by the Transit Ridership Incentive Program, and its use of the Commonwealth Rail Fund, respectively. DRPT is combining these reports to produce a DRPT annual report for FY22.