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DRPT is developing and implementing a stage two one-click system for public, human service, and specialized transportation; mobility management; travel training; and transportation-supportive programs and services. This project will cover the entire state’s geography and all population demographics including individuals with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and individuals with opioid use disorder.

The implementation will upgrade the award-winning Virginia Transportation Finder tool by incorporating a map-based search service, smartphone app integration, and customized user accounts. The new platform will also align transit resources more closely with other modes including biking, ride-sharing, and carpooling.

The existing Virginia Transportation Navigator database will remain an authoritative clearinghouse for all transportation resources in the Commonwealth and be upgraded with easier search functionalities, new keywords, and an improved interface.

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Our Virginia Transportation Navigator provides complete information about transportation services in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Transportation Navigator is Virginia’s most thorough directory of public transit, human service, and specialized transportation providers, programs, and services.

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Key Updates

A new map-based 2.0 system will be deployed as a software as a service (SaaS) architecture. The new system will incorporate new data specifications including General Transit Feed static (GTFS-Static) and General Transit Feed Flex (GTFS-FLEX). The platform will focus on making public transportation trip planning more accessible and reachable.

As part of the first phase of this project, DRPT developed a statewide GTFS clearinghouse, available at The phase one project was awarded WTS Central Virginia’s Innovative Transportation Solution award in 2022, and the Richmond Technology Council’s rvatech/ Innovation in Public Sector award in 2022.

DRPT will continue to collaborate on this service with various industry leaders.