Virginia Trip Planner


DRPT developed the Virginia Trip Planner so that Virginians can plan multimodal trips with fixed-route transit, on-demand transit, rail, bikeshare, carpool, vanpool, park-and-ride lots, and other transportation options across the Commonwealth. The map-based system is available online and integrated in Virginia commuter assistances services’ smartphone applications, making public transportation trip planning more accessible and reachable.

The Trip Planner builds off DRPT’s previous work in creating the Virginia Transportation Navigator, a comprehensive clearinghouse for all transportation resources in the Commonwealth. The Navigator was awarded WTS Central Virginia’s Innovative Transportation Solution award in 2022, and the Richmond Technology Council’s rvatech/ Innovation in Public Sector award in 2022.

The Trip Planner is the second phase of this project to provide people with a map-based system for public, human service, and specialized transportation. DRPT deployed it as a software as a service (SaaS) architecture. The Trip Planner incorporates new data specifications including General Transit Feed status (GTFS-Static) and General Transit Feed Flex (GTFS-Flex).