Transit Strategic Plans

DRPT requires that large public transportation agencies develop a Transit Strategic Plan (TSP) to ensure that services are planned in a way that meets the mobility needs of communities throughout the state. This gives agencies an opportunity to evaluate and update their services and networks to respond to changes in demand.

The main goal of a TSP is to create a strategic blueprint outlining desired changes that will improve the provision of transit services throughout each agency’s service area within existing funding structures. This is an opportunity for each agency to look at its system as a blank slate, reexamine the priorities of stakeholders and riders, and make difficult choices concerning where and how to provide services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Who is this for?

TSPs are required for agencies that satisfy both of the following size requirements:

  • The agencies must serve an urbanized area with 50,000 people or more
  • The agency must operate a fleet of 20 or more buses


All other agencies are not required to complete a TSP; however, they are required to complete a Transit Development Plan (TDP) under DRPT Guidelines.