Mobility Beyond Boundaries

About the Super NoVa Transit/TDM Vision

Recognizing the transportation challenges faced by commuters in Northern Virginia communities and beyond, the Commonwealth of Virginia embarked on an ambitious effort to develop a Transit and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan for the broader “Super NoVa” region. The Super NoVa Transit/TDM Vision Plan development process kicked off in fall 2011 and was completed in fall 2012. DRPT initiated this study to look beyond traditional local, regional and state boundaries in terms of transit and TDM operations and planning. The final plan presents a regionally coordinated and comprehensive transit and TDM vision supporting increased mobility and greater transportation choice in the Super NoVa region.

Since the completion of the Vision Plan, DRPT has been working on a collaborative effort to develop an “Action Plan” aimed at Achieving Mobility Beyond Boundaries. The Action Plan will help the area remain among the most competitive in the nation, sustain and improve people's quality of life, and serve as an essential economic activity generator for Virginia. DRPT will work with regional stakeholders to implement projects and policies that will advance the Super NoVa Transit/TDM Vision Plan recommendations.

Every locality in Northern Virginia faces transportation challenges and most have developed jurisdictionally-specific projects to address those challenges. The aim of Super NoVa is to broaden our focus to find the most cost-effective transit and TDM services that have the biggest impact on a region-wide basis. This plan will develop a geographically broader vision and plan for transit and TDMs that do not stop at local boundaries.

Public and stakeholder involvement is a significant component of the planning and action step process. Public agencies, special interest groups, and citizens will be engaged through participatory workshops throughout the process.

Study Area

The Super NoVa study area covers commuting within Northern Virginia as traditionally defined, as well as west from the Shenandoah Valley, south through Culpeper and Caroline counties, and east from the Northern Neck. The impact of commuters traveling from Maryland, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. into Northern Virginia will also be considered in the study.

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