Coordinated Human Services Mobility Plan


DRPT’s goal in developing the Coordinated Human Service Mobility Plan is to enhance access to and the efficiency of transportation for people with disabilities, older adults, low-income individuals, and veterans.

The culmination of a more than one-year effort, the 2019 Coordinated Human Services Mobility (CHSM) Plan identifies gaps and challenges related to transportation for seniors, individuals with disabilities, low-income individuals, and veterans. The plan was developed with significant public input received through meetings, ride-alongs, surveys, and interviews over a period of several months. The plan presents statewide and regional gaps and strategies to improve human services transportation in Virginia.


Coordinated Human Service Mobility Plan

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The Plan
This plan was developed through an extensive outreach process that included seniors, individuals with disabilities, transportation providers, mobility managers, and other groups interested in transportation. The team held regional workshops, ride-along interviews, stakeholder interviews, regional coordination calls, community meetings at elder-care facilities, special topic interviews, a statewide steering committee meeting, and a pop-up event, and conducted a variety of surveys.

The Programs
Programs funded under the FTA Section 5310 program must align with strategies defined in the CHSM Plan. When applying for Section 5310 funding through DRPT, applicants will demonstrate how their project aligns with the CHSM strategies and actions. This document can also be used to guide other transportation projects across the Commonwealth, and should represent statewide needs, challenges, and goals for the next three years.

Key Updates

DRPT is currently in the process of completing an update to the 2019 CHSM plan, which is updated every three years. This plan is a living document that is updated on an ongoing basis to account for changes in technology, new transportation challenges, and transportation successes.

DRPT is working with a team of master’s-eligible students from the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University on a project in support of this update. The team conducted a literature review of best practices in CHSM planning and needs around human services transportation, and evaluated the 2019 CHSM plan to make recommendations for updates. The team also developed and conducted a provider survey, analyzed the results of the survey, and utilized that information to make recommendations to DRPT about additional updates. Lastly, the team developed a rider survey that DRPT will conduct and analyze to further update the plan.