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Rail Preservation Fund (RPF)

Program Background

The Rail Preservation Fund benefits the nine shortline railroads operating in Virginia. Funding will be at a maximum of 70 percent state contribution and a minimum of 30 percent cash or in-kind matching contribution from a local source.

Supported Projects

  • Constructing rail transportation
  • Improving shortline track to Class 2 Track Safety Standards
  • Improving bridges to Class 2 Track Safety Standards
  • Safety improvements
  • Property acquisitions and new track facilities

Application Resources & Timeline  

For detailed information on the application timeline, goals, eligibility requirements, eligible expenses, and application process for all DRPT administered grants programs, view the resources below:

Application Timeline

  • December 1, 2022
    DRPT began accepting applications for Fiscal Year 2024

Application Resources

RPF Application Procedure Guide

RPF Scoring Sheet FY23