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Multimodal Guidelines

The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation has developed statewide guidelines for multi-modal planning and design at the regional, community and corridor scales. The Commonwealth of Virginia over the past few years has embraced the goal of providing its citizens, businesses and visitors with a better multimodal and intermodal transportation system. To assist in implementing this goal, DRPT undertook the development of these guidelines for planning and designing multimodal places and corridors.

The Multimodal System Design Guidelines provide a holistic framework for multimodal planning with a step-by-step process of identifying centers of activity, designating connected networks for all travel modes, and designing and retrofitting specific corridors that fit with the surrounding context. This process can be applied to the full range of contexts throughout Virginia to plan connected regional transportation networks to serve all travel modes.

The Guidelines were completed in October 2013. Please click on the links below to download a copy of the final Guidelines and view a series of three movies that summarize the content within the Guidelines.

Multimodal System Design Guidelines - Executive Summary
Multimodal System Design Guidelines - Final
Guide for preparing a Multimodal System Plan
Why Multimodal Planning? - Web Movie #1
What are the Multimodal Guidelines? - Web Movie #2
How to Apply - Web Movie #3

Guidelines Development Process

Guidelines Chapters
Guidelines Appendix A
Guidelines Appendix B
Guidelines Appendix C
Guidelines Appendix D
Guidelines Appendix E
Guidelines Appendix F
Guidelines Appendix G

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