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Transit Recovery Marketing Initiative

Initiative Overview
The Transit Recovery Marketing Initiative is a one-time only statewide grant opportunity and statewide marketing campaign dedicated to improving the public’s confidence in transit services in order to increase ridership on Virginia’s transit services.  The statewide marketing campaign is designed to bring back transit riders that stopped using transit or are hesitant to use transit because of COVID-19 or its variants.  Agencies that are interested in partnering with DRPT on the marketing campaign may apply for funding through the Transit Recovery Marketing Initiative.

Before applying for funds, please carefully review the information below.

Marketing Campaign
DRPT is developing a statewide marketing campaign that will consist of a unified message to attract riders back to Virginia transit systems, reiterating the presence of safety measures, and providing explanation on why public transportation is a safe and viable option. As part of the marketing campaign, DRPT is developing a marketing toolkit for use by DRPT and public transportation partners.  Applicants for funding must use the advertisements and messaging in the marketing toolkit.  Having a common message across Virginia will maximize the recovery of transit ridership.

Initiative Goals

1. Strengthen public confidence in transit services
2. Increase ridership on public transportation

Application Timeline

September 1st – Application Open
November 1st – Application Closes 

The application period is open from September 1 to November 1, 2021. Interested parties should submit a Mid-Cycle Grant Application through OLGA by November 1. Additional supporting documentation is required and must be attached and submitted with the OLGA application. 

See the Transit Recovery Marketing Initiative Application for Funding Guidance to learn more about the initiative and application requirements.

Application Resources
Transit Recovery Marketing Initiative Application for Funding Guidance

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