Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation

Rail Workshop


Thank you for joining DRPT on November 13 for the Second Annual Rail Workshop. The workshop included presentations on existing DRPT rail projects and programs; detailed handouts outlining DRPT grant programs and policies; and boards used for interactive workshops. Workshop materials are linked below.



1. Balancing Freight and Passenger Rail

2. DC to Richmond

3. Long Bridge

4. Station Needs Assessment

5. Amtrak Initiatives

6. Grant Overview

Steve Ditmeyer Presentation



Blank Score Sheet

IPROC FY20 Application Procedures

FY2020 Rail Preservation Fund Program Procedure Manual

Rail Industrial Access Fund Program Highlights

Rail Industrial Access Program Guidance

Rail Enhancement Fund (REF) User's Manual

REF: Program Procedure Manual

Virginia Needs Assessment



Amtrak Initiatives

DC to Richmond

Grants Overview

Long Bridge

Station Needs Assessment


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