Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation

Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor

DRPT has been working with North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia to advance high speed rail in the southeast. The corridor will connect Washington, D.C., Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Atlanta with a spur from Richmond to Hampton Roads.

Washington, D.C. to Richmond

In October 2010, Virginia received $44.3 million in federal high speed rail funds to complete the Tier II EIS for the portion of the corridor between Washington, D.C. and Richmond, known as DC2RVA. The project team is working on the Alternative Technical Report and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) due for completion in 2017.

Field work continues to be conducted along the DC2RVA corridor to effectively assess alternatives to increase capacity for both freight and passenger rail. 

For additional information on the Washington, D.C. to Richmond section of the Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor and to submit a comment, visit

Find out more about the 2016 Legislator Briefings for the DC2RVA project. 

Richmond to Raleigh

DRPT, the Federal Railroad Administration, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation completed the Southeast High Speed Rail Tier II Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) in September 2015. This studies the Richmond to Raleigh route. 

The finalized Tier II FEIS was submitted to the Federal Railroad Administration on September 18, 2015.

For additional information on the Richmond to Raleigh section of the Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor, please visit (NCDOT maintained). 



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