Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation

DRPT Ongoing Projects


DRPT transit initiatives include projects from transit feasibility and regional improvement studies to major construction or expansion projects. The overarching goal of DRPT’s transit initiatives is to expand or improve transportation choices in Virginia. 

This link provides highlights of some of the major transit initiatives underway today.


DRPT works with the Commonwealth’s passenger and freight railroads to increase the efficiency and capacity of Virginia’s rail network. Projects include rehabilitation of existing tracks, construction of new tracks, siding extensions, signal system upgrades and initiating new intercity passenger rail services. 

This link provides information on some of the major rail initiatives underway in each corridor. 

Commuter Programs

DRPT works to improve and expand commuter service programs, to start or expand telework programs, develop and implement transportation management plans, and a host of other activities.  DRPT partners with other state agencies, local governments, Planning District Commissions, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Transportation Management Associations, and other organizations to plan and implement Commuter Programs and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs.  In addition to our planning and grants administration, DRPT also works on various programs and projects.  This link provides a brief list of some of these initiatives.



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