Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation

DRPT's Role in the SYIP Process

DRPT’s process within the Six-Year Improvement Program differs from the VDOT process in two key areas: 


  • DRPT advances projects primarily through partnerships with local and regional governments and private entities in Virginia.
  • DRPT funds only a portion of rail and public transportation project costs, with a significant share of expenses borne by localities.

DRPT provides leadership, advocacy and funding support for initiatives across the Commonwealth by working with partners at the local, regional, state and federal levels. The agency also prepares statewide rail and public transportation plans and conducts studies to assess the feasibility and environmental impacts of new and expanded services in Virginia. DRPT works closely with service operators and Metropolitan Planning Organizations to plan and program new services and capital improvement projects.

Rail and public transportation programs are advanced through a partnership between DRPT and local or regional entities. DRPT provides technical expertise and assistance in project preparation and then accepts requests for funding when projects are ready for implementation.

Local and regional transportation authorities play the lead role in defining the rail and public transportation initiatives for their areas. A large portion of the cost is borne by localities, so it is essential that projects meet local needs and have local support.

Citizens and businesses interested in advancing rail and public transportation initiatives in their localities may share their ideas or propose new initiatives to their local or regional transportation authority.


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